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“Whether in the weekly counseling format or the two-day private intensive, Carista has a highly skillful way of listening, processing, and compassionately responding with incredible on target insights that immediately let you know she completely GETS it. She is warm, down to earth, funny, and ridiculously intelligent. There is no doubt you're definitely in capable hands when you're working with Carista. The quality of counseling/consulting that Carista offers is effective and efficient, meaning you get to work on specifics and leave her office feeling a genuine sense of achievement and fresh perspective.”
— Victoria Smythe, Entrepreneur!

“My life has changed dramatically since doing intensives and weekly sessions with Carista. She is a brilliant spiritual healer with more patience and total understanding than I have ever known. She embodies love and light, and through this I have felt seen and witnessed in a way I have never felt before. She is a gift that I feel most grateful for.”
— Sarah Anjel, Mother and Healer

"You have given us a new and powerful set of principles that has allowed us to discover our True Self individually, as well as a couple. This wisdom when combined with Love has rapidly empowered our daily lives. We now have an amazing set of tools to find and recognize these truths daily.”
— Ritchie Young, CEO of major franchise

"For CEOs and executives who, despite significant professional success, sense they've only begun to access their full potential and desire a clearer, more authentic life purpose... Carista offers a unique combination of spiritual insight and practical tools for finding one's true self and unleashing a renewed passion for life."
— Christianson, CEO, Global Media Technology

“Carista works like a master weaver. She expertly guides you through the labyrinth of your inner being to reach the source of your confusion or dysfunctional behavior. And from that point, gently offers an opportunity for healing which returns you to a clearer present.”
— John Paul, Designer

“With a beautiful blend of professionalism, deep insight, and compassion, Carista guided me through my darkness to see from the inside out the immense power of love.”
— Irene Young, Professional Photographer

“In families, we are often blind to how we show up to others. Learning to utilize the power of virtues in Carista’s True Self approach provided us with a common language to make simple and powerful changes in the way we speak and listen to each other. We are now being authentic in speaking our truths AND making a contribution to each other. And this work with the True Self Way and the “virtues technique” has transferred over, without any effort, to other key relationships too. Thank you!”
— Janice Sanders, Philanthropist

“Carista’s work is significant in that it assists us in reaching the depths we need in order to ascend to the height of our true destiny.”
— Connie Dee, Musician

“Carista’s wisdom and gifts as a teacher are a rare blend of living the divine inside this very life: 100% human and connected to spirit. She’s funny, she’s down to earth; she’s deep and as wise as they come. She operates on multiple levels all at once. For me, the greatest gift is her ability to be what she teaches. It’s given me not only the tools but also the courage to begin to live what I know as my truth.”
— Cara Spencer, Art Director

“Carista’s insight and intuition guided me through a difficult and traumatic period in my life with grace. Her spiritual perceptions lit the way and allowed me to flower into my true essence. She is a loving and caring spirit guide as well as a dedicated counselor with brilliant perceptions. I couldn’t have made it without her.”
— Lane Wexler, Therapist

"If I could only have one shaman in my life to guide me through the ups and downs of marriage, children, and career, all while weaving a spiritual tapestry that reflects your soul's true purpose in this lifetime, it would have to be Carista" — Jeff Katu, Architect

"The True Self methodology captures ancient wisdom and translates it into a simple process for changing your life, as well as those around you."
— Saul Hawk, Interior Designer

"Carista has the rare ability to understand and validate her clients' individual needs, perceptions and struggles and move them to a deeper place from which change can occur. Her intuitive abilities, combined with her grounded formal training and spiritual nature, help create an environment that encourages new ways of viewing old issues as well as transform new obstacles. I have great respect and appreciation for Carista".
— Simon Bay, Attorney

“As a couple, I know our regular in-depth conversations with Carista opened us up to our relationship being so much healthier, and the intimacy and play coming back into our lives when they were missing. Carista is a mentor for being straightforward, gentle and trusting.”
— Liza Joy, Management Consultant

"Therapy can only take you so far, and the pursuit of spirituality often leads you into your head for answers. Carista instead integrates a personal journey through your heart and soul, skillfully navigating and healing all aspects of your true self along the way."
— Ira Gold, Professor

"Carista will teach you how to love, and be loved... and that's all there is."
— Cas White, Life Coach

“I have truly benefited and enjoyed the counseling that Carista has imparted to me over the past several years. I have found that her quick and to the point manner has a positive resonance with me. As I love to tell her, she is "The Lady, The Myth, The Legend".
— Chris Bucks, A Husband, Father and Entrepreneur.

“Working with Carista’s True Self Methodology was a wonderful gift to us…we were able to transform our couple’s conversations from adversarial to gentle and supportive, which was almost out of reach before…a great way to name what was missing in the way we were interacting and communicating and “get” what the other was needing and feeling. We are eternally grateful to Carista for all that she have given us and continuess to give.”
— Melanie Lain, Mother

"I know of few other spiritual guides with the same depth and breadth of wisdom and, more importantly, the embodiment of its love aspects than Carista."
— William Vera, Holistic Doctor

My partner and I have both been working with Carista intensively for 6 months.  I have learned that the way I am showing up in relationship is a direct legacy of my childhood wounding and the same is true of my partner.    Like many couples, we are adults who are unknowlingly and destructively acting out our childhood patterns with each other.   We sought Carista out in crisis.   We committed to healing ourselves as individuals and to taking our relationship into the realm of true intimacy and heart connection.  Carista has worked with me in such a compassionate and wise way that I have felt safe to explore and gradually heal from the sudden death of my father in childhood, numerous adoption issues and an overall inability to thrive professionally.   I brought all this baggage into my relationship and I am finally addressing it.  This is very hard work but there is no one I would rather be doing this with.  There is no substitute for the expertise and attention that Carsita is bringing to my healing process.  I recommend her without reservation.
— Karina Blake, Author

“Carista’s work is extraordinary. I have the highest amount of gratitude in my heart for the healings I have experienced in her sessions. I feel truly blessed our souls crossing paths.”
— MJ Sawyer, Professional Actress

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